Top 15 Basic Cat Toys of 2017

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Cat Playing With Mouse

All cats should be provided interactive cat toys and basic cat toys. Interactive cat toys are toys that you use to interact directly with your cat while basic cat toys are toys that you leave out all day for your cat. Click here to see the top interactive toys for 2017. Interactive toys are usually consisted of wand toys.

Interactive play therapy should be done about 2-3 times a day,  10-15 minutes during each session for maximum impact. The best times to provide play therapy is during the morning hours, the afternoon hours, and before you to to sleep. This will help exhaust his energy tank so he does not become bored during the night.

Basic cat toys are provided while you are at work so that your cat does no become bored or stressed out from having nothing to do. Below I have provided the top basic cat toys of 2017 with links to buy them at the end of each description. Some toys should be left out an rotated every 2-3 weeks so that they remain new to your cat.

1. Bergan Turbo Track

The turbo track cat toy offers top of the line entertainment for cats because there is limitless potential to how long and far you can make your track. You can purchase multiple sets of this cat toy so you can attach them together into a very large track. There are some videos on Youtube where people redesigned their entire house into a furry race car track.

There is literally no limit to how long you can make the track go in your shelter or household. You even have the option of making your house a furry race track if you have the desire to to build it. The pieces of track are easy to attach to each another via a snap and lock system.

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2. Bergan Turbo Scratcher

The Bergan Turbo Scratcher has a channel for a small ball that your cat can nudge or smack. There is a good quality scratch pad in the center of the track for cats that like to scratch horizontally. This scratch pad can be swapped out as needed or flipped over so the other side can be scratched. This toy is designed to provide hours of fun for your felines and is great for multi cat households.

This is one of the cheapest track ball and scratcher combinations that you can find for people who are purchasing cat toys on a budget. Catnip can easily be added to this toy for additional enjoyment.

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3. Drinkwell 360 Water Fountain

The water fountain is both an interactive toy and a basic toy as cats often swat, nip, and jump into the water fountain along with drinking the water from it. The best water fountain to purchase is the Drinkwell 360 because it can shoot up to 5 spouts of water at one time.

The water fountain is ideally cleaned once a week and the filter has to be replaced periodically depending on the type of filter that you buy. Water fountains are fantastic for getting cats to drink more water and decreasing urinary tract infection.

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4. Petstages Tower of Tracks

The Tower of Tracks has three levels and three balls which provides plenty of fun for multi cat households and active cats. There are non-skid pads on the bottom of the toy to keep it from moving around. The balls spin and roll which provide entertainment and keeps cats interested.

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5. Peek a Prize Pet Toy Box

This is a heavy-duty wooden toy box that you can use to hide toys inside. This toy is ideal for the cat who likes to get into everything and one of the first toys I recommend for nosy felines. The construction is sturdy and very well made.

This toy provides mental and physical enrichment for curious cats. This box will work with almost any sized toy or catnip. This toy encourages your cat’s natural predatory behavior.

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6. Mystery Motion Cat Toy


The mystery motion cat toy is the perfect cat toy for enticing your cats to play. There is an automatic feather toy underneath the cover which moves back and forth along with making noise. The cat’s job is to find the feather and successfully catch it.

This toy is usually one of the first recommendations I make as a certified cat behavorist. The best part of this toy is that you can adjust the speed as needed. I like to start out on slow for the first 5 minutes and change it to fast after that. There is also a random setting where it goes at a random speed.

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7. Catnip Hurricane

The catnip hurricane cat toy is unique because of the way it is designed. The toy measures in at 15 x 17 x 17. The catnip hurricane comes with two small balls and a package of catnip to further attract the cat to this toy.

Fish oil can be added instead if the cat is not old enough to be affected by catnip or if your cat is resistant to the effects of catnip.

Some cats prefer to stalk then pounce on the cat toy while other cats prefer to smack it around and around the track until they make themselves dizzy. Multiple cats can occupy opposite sides of the cat toy and knock it back and forth which makes this an excellent interactive cat toy.

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8. Catit Senses 2.0 Food Tree

The 2.0 food tree has been improved with a narrow top opening and a wider base for improved stability. This toy will stimulate a cat both mentally and physically as they work for their food by pawing at the toy.

There is 3 difficulty levels which are easy to change to your liking. This toy is designed to prevent spillage of food so that it is easy to clean up. This toy is best cleaned with dawn dish soap.

This toy is perfect for cats that tend to over eat or eat too fast. This also makes a fantastic toy for curious cats since they have to discover how to get the food out.

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9. Catit Senses Play Circuit

This peek-a-boo track design will permit your cat to chase and swat the ball that is found inside of the track. The ball color and the swirl pattern is designed to attract your cat’s attention.

There is multiple layouts and additional track pieces that you can purchase so you can add on to the original set. An instruction booklet is provided with this purchase.

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10. Jackson Galaxy Cat Dice

The cat dice are irregularly shaped which provides an unpredictable bounce for every time they are smacked. The unpredictable movement will keep your cats engaged from the first time they smack it.

You can choose bewteen hollow rubber and soft foam, solid rubber and soft foam, or soft foam. I suggest buying cat springs, looney loops, and cat crazies along with this toy to provide a variety of interesting toys.

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11. Looney Loops

Looney loops will slide, flip, and roll when smacked at. These toys are perfect for cats who like to bite and carry toys around. They are sturdy yet flexible which provides the best experience when playing with them. I have two cats that chase after them and fetches them.

I suggest buying cat springs, looney loops, and cat crazies to provide a variety of toys for your cat to play with and choose from.

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12. Spot Cat Springs

Cat spring toys are exciting, cheap, and durable. Most cats prefer these springs over cat balls or catnip mice. These springs can bounce up to 4 feet after being smacked or nudged the right way. It is fun to throw these toys then watch the cat ambush it right after it bounces.

Some cats may also be seen carrying these springs around in their mouths like prey. The only downside to this toy is that they can easily be lost because of how small they are. Placing catnip on the springs can add extra fun.

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13. Cat Crazies

This is a toy that almost replicates the function of milk jug rings. This is the perfect toy since milk jug rings provide a choking hazard now.

This is a durable plastic toy that will slide, flip, and roll when slap or bitten. They may appear as simple toys but will entertain your cat for hours. I suggest buying cat springs, looney loops, and cat crazies to provide a variety.

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14. Egg-Cersizer

This foraging toy provides endless amounts of fun for the cat who likes to hunt down his prey. This is a food dispensing toy which combines play time, weight loss, and feeding.

This is a perfect toy for your pet to expend his energy on while you are at work or unable to physically play with your cat. The cat paws at the cat toy until the food falls through the holes.

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15. Three Way Cat Tunnel

3 way cat tunnels offer creativity and fun for multi cat households or for cats who may be timid. It provides a secure area for cats to hide while challenging them to come out of their shell a little bit more each day.

Cats prefer to hide behind something or in something before they pounce on a toy. This comes from their innate desire to stalk before they make a calculated move. This cat tunnel will provide your cat ample space to utilize for play time.

I like to use the cat charmer and maneuver it inside of the tunnel so that he can dash in and capture it as well. Having multiple cat tunnels can also be fun. It can be beneficial to hide treats and basic cat toys such as catnip mice inside of the tunnel for fun throughout the day.

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