How to Remove Mineral Deposits From Pet Water Bowls

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The first step to removing mineral deposits and lime build up in water bowls is to purchase some white vinegar, a bottle brush, rice, mild dish soap, and a cloth scouring pad.

Take the white vinegar and warm it up on the stove, in a pot. Do not boil the water while warming up the white vinegar. Allow the vinegar to soak in the water for one hour to two hours.

Use a cloth scouring pad to clean the dog water bowl or cat water bowl thoroughly to remove all mineral deposits and lime build up. It will likely take a great amount of effort and pressure to remove the deposits if they are thick or have been there for awhile. You may use a bottle brush to aid you in removing the deposits if they are hard to reach.

Finally you will wash the bowl with a mild dish soap and warm water to remove residues of vinegar. This method will also kill some germs and bacteria. To prevent mineral build up, it is highly recommended to wash out the bowl daily with dish soap and water. Fresh water that is refilled every single day will go a long way toward preventing medical issues that are connected to not drinking enough water.

An automatic water bowl might also aid you in keeping the water fresh. The movement of water will compel pets to drink more water as well and keep them entertained as it can shoot up to 5 streams of water at one time! I really advise that a stainless steel drinking resource is used as a plastic drinking bowl can cause the formation of rodent ulcers or eosinophilic granulomas.


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