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10 Ways to Keep Your Dog Out Of The Cat Litter Box

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Is it a good idea to prevent your dog from eating cat litter and your child from playing it in. We will talk about ways to prevent this from happening and the reason behind why they are eager to do so. The reason that dogs are attracted to litter

Understanding and Eliminating Fleas

Fleas or Siphonaptera have a big reputation as being one of the nastiest and annoying insects that humans have to deal with each year. There are over two thousand species of fleas, all of which suck blood and can cause a plethora of problems in pets and humans. Almost

Ear Mites in Cats: Infection Symptoms

Ear mites are eight legged parasites that feed on the wax inside of a cat’s or dog’s ear canal in order to survive. Ear mites have a three-week life cycle and can only be well viewed with a microscope or a high power magnifying glass. Ear mites are well

Becoming a Kennel Technician

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Kennel technician is the term used for an employee of an animal shelter that is responsible for the well-being of the animals. A trained kennel technician will often fulfill the role of customer service, cage cleaner, and serve as an assistant to the veterinary technician or veterinarian. Some of

Canine Parvovirus

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Canine Parvovirus History and Info Canine parvovirus is a highly contagious non-enveloped viral disease which impacts dogs all around the world. There is two prominent types of parvovirus that dogs have. Dogs can become infected with CPV-1 or CPV-2. Canine parvovirus type 2 is the dreaded virus that impacts
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