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Winter Safety Tips for Animals

During the winter time it is advised that you take additional care to make sure that your companion animals are safe and warm. Winter is dreaded by humans, but winter is much harder for animals that rely on us to make sure they have everything that they need. Obviously

Daily Water Requirements and Tips for Cats

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Water is an essential nutrient required by every living organism on earth. Water is required for the body to function properly and perform almost every metabolic process. It is important to state that the cat is composed of about 70% to 75% water which makes it easier to understand

Acetaminophen Is Dangerous to Cats and Dogs

Acetaminophen is very toxic to both cats and dogs, but cats are proven to be up to 10 times more susceptible than dogs. Acetaminophen can reach the blood stream in only 20 to 30 minutes. If a cat or dog ingests a medicine that contains acetaminophen, life threatening liver

How to Fix Litter Box Aversion in Cats

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A cat that is not using the litter box can be unappealing in more ways than just smell. No one wants to wake out of their bed at 7 in the morning to notice that their carpet has been urinated on and needs cleaned before they can go to

Top 10 Interactive Cat Toys of 2017

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All cats should be provided interactive cat toys and basic cat toys. Interactive cat toys are toys that you use to interact directly with your cat while basic cat toys are toys that you leave out all day for your cat. Click here to look at the top 15 basic
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