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10 Ways to Keep Your Dog Out Of The Cat Litter Box

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Is it a good idea to prevent your dog from eating cat litter and your child from playing it in. We will talk about ways to prevent this from happening and the reason behind why they are eager to do so. The reason that dogs are attracted to litter

Why Do Cats Like Boxes

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Your cat will often thank you for buying them a new cat bed by immediately jumping into the empty box and sleeping in it instead. But what is it about an empty box that has the power to allure cats? The cat’s method of coping with stress or trouble

5 Reasons To Avoid Hooded Cat Litter Boxes

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It is normal that people want to use a hooded litter box because it does provide a few benefits. Hooded litter boxes can prevent litter scatter and keep dogs out of litter. The most common reason that people have a hooded litter box is because they want to avoid

15 Reasons Your Cat Will Not Use The Litterbox

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There are a myriad of reasons that a cat can decide to stop using the litter box all of a sudden. I hope to describe some of the most common reasons so that you can hopefully narrow it down. I highly recommend that you hire a behaviorist for complex

Interactive Play Therapy For Cats

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Play therapy can be an important activity for cats that are bored, fearful, stressed, or overly active. This type of therapy can be used to decrease problem behavior and increase positive behavior in almost any cat. It is important that play therapy be done in way that mentally and physically
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