How To Train Your Cat To Like Claw Trimming

Trimming your cat’s claws is a valuable skill that you can learn easily and teach others to do after you have learned it. Routine trimming can prevent claw overgrowth, claws curling into the pads, infections, and walking trouble. Claw trimming should be done every 3-4 weeks. It is best to

How To Train A Cat To Walk On A Harness

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Training your cat to wear a harness can be a great way to exercise your cat and allow them to experience the outdoors. Harness training may also be utilized for people who want to train therapy cats, service cats, and nursing home cats. The way that you approach training

Why Is My Cat Attacking My Ankles?

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Having your ankles bitten can be painful and annoying once it has turned into an everyday event. It can be unpleasant for you and any friends you have over. This behavior often occurs in the presence of rapid movement. Moving your feet under the bed or moving from one

Why Does My Dog Scoot On The Floor?

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Dog scooting can be gross or embarrassing for you if you catch your dog in the act of doing so, especially in the presence of company. This can also be uncomfortable for parents to see if they have children who play on the floor and can be exposed to

Why Does My Dog Tilt His Head?

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It may be a common occurrence in your house when you see your puppy tilt his head to one side in response to a noise or other stimulus. A dog may tilt their head to any mysterious noise such as a smart phone ringing, a specific tone of voice,
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